Producing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Company Culture

One group, one set of values

Proquina’s corporate culture is an important factor in the company‚Äôs success. Central to this culture are the Bayer values Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility and Efficiency initiated by Bayer and summarized by the term LIFE.

They provide us with guidance for our daily work as we seek solutions to the major challenges of our time, in line with our mission statement “Bayer: Science For A Better Life.”

This means the following to PROQUINA:

Develop cost-effective and safe active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates of high quality for the Bayer Group and the world market. Succeed through continuous improvement and innovation.


  • Be passionate about people and performance
  • Show personal drive, inspire and motivate others
  • Be accountable for actions and results,
    successes and failures
  • Treat others fairly and with respect
  • Give clear, candid and timely feedback
  • Manage conflicts constructively
  • Create value for all our stakeholders

Additional examples for managers with personnel responsibility

  • Provide clarity and direction
  • Think and act strategically
  • Demand and recognize performance
  • Ensure employability of staff by developing and coaching
  • Build a strong and diverse talent pipeline


  • Be a role model
  • Comply with laws, regulations and good business practices
  • Trust others and build trustful relationships
  • Be honest and reliable
  • Listen attentively and communicate appropriately
  • Ensure sustainability: balance short-term results
    with long-term requirements
  • Care about people, safety and the environment


  • Drive change actively
  • Be ready to adapt to future trends and needs
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Think and act with customers in mind
  • Seek out opportunities and take calculated risks
  • Be open-minded
  • Embrace lifelong learning


  • Manage resources smartly
  • Focus on activities that create value
  • Do things simply and effectively
  • Deliver with appropriate costs, speed and quality
  • Speed up good decision-making
  • Be accountable for consistent execution
  • Collaborate for better solutions
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